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Weekly Tuesday Morning practice 9-10am

Join us Tuesday Mornings for Sufi Practice & Meditation beginning at 9AM EST/UTC-4 (Boston MA. USA)  We continue to advocate for actions and realizations that support harmonious relationship between people, nature, and life itself, knowing that this realization begins inside ourselves. Our intentions are towards 7 generations, towards Peace on Earth. Please arrive a few minutes early so we can begin together.

To protect the integrity of our meeting, we do not publish the zoom link online. Email to inquire about joining. Our practice time is approx. 45 minutes long

SamaSangha monthly circle

Next Meeting: Saturday Sept. 11, 1-2:30PM EDT/UTC-4

We gather from around the world and meet in our active heart connection to share chant, body prayer, zikr, poetry and other practices for Peace, Healing, Resilience, Strength, Steadiness, and Protection. Join Halima & Abraham and guest leaders in celebrating this ONE precious beautiful life. Our meeting begins at 1:00pm and closes at 2:30pm. Boston USA time/EST/UTC-4)  Email to request an invitation and zoom link. Please arrive a few minutes early so we can begin together. The zoom room will have live chant beginning at 12:50 pm  We aim our practice together towards creating a unified field of positive healing energy, within ourselves, towards our communities, our countries, and our shared world. Integrating devotional chant and the joy of singing, the deep silence of meditation, poetry, Sufi teachings, body prayer, Zikr, Elemental awareness, and Breath. We are One Together, Together One.

Retreats 2021

Coming Up:

Ruhaniat Jamiat Khas Retreat November 12-14, 2021

Recent Retreats:

United in the Heart July 30 & 31, 2021 International Retreat via Zoom, live English/Spanish w Russian translation

Together we gathered with friends from around the the world to invoke the Deep Peace that is at the essence of our Being, and the Creativity and Unity that flows when we tune to the All pervading reality of Interconnected nature. Guided by Halima (US), Abraham (US), Maitreya (US), Malika (Colombia+US), Lakshmi (Ecuador), and Aliela(Russia) with friends Ishtar(Mexico), Jamila(Russia), Petaluma(US),Shakti(US), Dahlia(US). Zoom Hosted by Rahima

May what we do together be of benefit for all beings.

Love’s Healing Heart-Spring Ruhaniat Int. Jamiat Ahm, April 30-May 2. Live Spanish/English with Russian & German translation

We gathered from 25 countries for a beautiful retreat, opening hearts, connecting to the living stream of wisdom that flows through our lineage. With Pir Shabda Khan, Murshida Halima Sussman, Murshid Abraham Sussman, Murshida Sophia Onnen, Nur Jahan Campos, our retreat hosts, the Rose Heart Sufi Community, and invited guests. Alhumdulillah!

Sama Sangha YouTube Channel:!

VIEW: Tuesday Practices, SamaSangha Int. Monthly Circles, and Retreats. If you are interested in a particular recording and cannot find it, please email with the subject line “recording” or click here:


Hello friends,  Like you, we are concerned for the health of our whole beautiful world body that we are each a part of. At this time we are following the guidance to not gather together in public. We also know that what happens when we do gather is healing and further cultivates good medicine for ourselves and for the planet. Lets link hearts and minds, practicing healing, compassion, strength, courage, generosity, gratitude, and loving kindness. Lets breathe the grief, sadness, suffering and fear that arises, into the heart and respond from the depths of our humanity.  This is a good day to live!  
With love and blessings,  Halima & Abraham

Cambridge Dances of Universal Peace

Cambridge DUPeace will not hold in-person meetings until it feels safe for us to meet.  We hope this will sooner than later. Meanwhile, sending love and healing to all! Toward the One, on the breath!

Retreats 2020

Sufi Retreat in Spain Jan. 3-6 2021

This was a beautiful in-person retreat with Guest Teachers Halima, Abraham & Aliela, and European DUP leaders & dancers from Spain, France, Russia, Iran, and Germany. Alhumdulillah! 

Sufi Sesshin, March 7  9-5

We are so grateful for this day of retreat. It was the last in-person retreat we held before the mandated worldwide personal- separation retreat due to the pandemic of 2020. 

Dance Deepening  May 22-25

With great regret, we are cancelling our annual  Memorial Day Weekend Dance Deepening Retreat in North Central MA. Given the public health concerns still sweeping our beautiful blue planet, this seems the wisest  decision. 

Russian Ruhaniat Sufi Camp         June 20-28 

We had a beautiful 4 day Camp online including Russian Sangha and International visitors 

Usually near Saint Petersburg. With Ilona, Vasudeva, Aliela, other local leaders, invited guests Halima and Abraham and local community. We Ate, Danced and Prayed together during the light white night time of beautiful Russia.

One Love- United in the Heart: EDP, July 31 – August 2,  (Fri eve – Sun eve)

Online via zoom  Our Annual Eat, Dance, and Pray Together New England Northeast Retreat with Halima, Abraham, Malika, Maitreya, Yasmin, Ilona, Tarana, and friends.   This retreat offers us the opportunity to tune to natural rhythms and demonstrate Peace and Harmony. Eat, dance and pray together is the actualized vision Murshid Samuel Lewis held for world peace!