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SAMA: Events & Retreats

Cambridge Dances of Universal Peace

Cambridge Friends Meeting House, 5 Longfellow Park, Cambridge, 02138
Every 3rd Saturday with Halima, Abraham & friends in the Friends Room.
1st Fridays with the Friday Dance Team in the Friends Room, October – June.
Meetings begin at 7:30 (Doors open at 7:15)  Email 

Monthly Sama Sufi Class

Cambridge. New series begins fall of 2018, continuing through May 2018. We meet monthly on 3rd Saturdays, 3:30-5:30.  Open to Ruhaniat students, those of our sister Orders, and by invitation. Email if you are interested.

Rumi Night

Zikr & the Ecstatic Poetry of Jellaludin Rumi
Dec 15, 2018,  Cambridge, MA  7:30 pm

Join us for this annual participatory evening celebrating Mevlana Jellaludin Rumi with Dances of Universal Peace, Zikr practice, and the sharing of Estactic Poetry.

For more information: Email


Sufi Sesshin: Saturday Feb. 2

A Winter’s Day Retreat guided by Halima and Abraham, 9:30am – 5pm

Cambridge Friends Meeting House, 5 Longfellow Park, 02138

For this retreat we alternate the practice of silent sitting meditation, looking within, with the heart opening practice of Dances of Universal Peace and Zikr. Dance…sit…dance…sit…dance…sit…. lunch…walk outside if weather permits….dance….sit…   

Let us know if you plan to attend: email

Suggested Cost/exchange range is $60-$100.

Registration/Payment options: 1) Pay by Paypal( include your name and email in the comment box so we can send you the welcome orientation. Or 2) mail a check(payable to Sama) along with your name and email address to SAMA, 6 Upton St. Cambridge, MA 02139.

Delicious home cooked Vegetarian lunch(soup, salad and fresh bread) included for those  whose registration and payment is received by 1/26.

Sesshin info 2019

Dance Deepening May 24-27

Transmission & the Living Spirit: Towards 7 Generations

Memorial Day Weekend (May 24-27) in  North Central MA.                                                         

With Mentor teachers Abraham and Halima Sussman (USA)

All lovers of the dance are welcome; Dancers, Leaders, and MusiciansTogether we cultivate the ground of a positive shared future, tuning our awakening heart nature through and to the Walks and Dances of Universal Peace. Mentored DUP leaders are invited to cultivate mastery, furthering the fine art of dance transmission, and are welcome to lead a DUPeace during one of the sessions. 

Read more…

      Flyer & Reg to print: DD2019

Eat, Dance, & Pray: NE Sufi Dance Retreat, July 24-28

North Central Massachusetts  Annual New England Sufi Dance Camp! We fill up! Register early!

With Maitreya, Halima, and Abraham, and other local teachers, dance leaders and musicians.

This retreat offers us the opportunity to tune to natural rhythms and demonstrate Peace and Harmony. Eat, dance and pray together is the actualized vision Murshid Samuel Lewis held for world peace! Celebrate community with the Walks and Dances of Universal Peace, Zikr, Yoga, Walking, Sitting, Listening….
Read more about EDP!    Register Online Here      Print Flyer & Reg :EDP2019

Further Afield with Halima & Abraham

More detailed information can be found on Abraham and Halima’s page

Annual Northern California Sufi Sesshin

January 4-11, 2019
IONS Retreat Center, Petaluma, CA
Guided by Pir Shabda, Murshids Wali Ali, Halima, and Abraham,  and Sheikhs Rahmat and Gayan. 8 days of Retreat alternating sitting meditation with the Walks and Dances of Universal Peace. Sit, Dance, Sit, Dance, Sit, Dance…
Retreat FlyerRegistration Information

California Quarterly

January 18-21, 2019, San Luis Obispo

Guest teachers Murshida Halima and Murshid Abraham join local leaders Nur Latifa, Yarrow, and friends for this annual gathering. Beautiful nature, beautiful people!

Universal Sufi Heart Wisdom & Dances of Universal Peace
Contact: Nur Latifa Crane

2019 quarterly flier

Sufi Retreat  Durham, NC

February 22-24, 2019

Retreat near St Petersburg, Russia

March 8-10, 2019

Retreat in Moscow, Russia:

March 15-17, 2019

DUPeace Retreat: Fort Wayne, Indiana:

July 19-21, 2019

Wilderness Dance Camp, Idaho:

August 18-24, 2019

Florida Dance Retreat

October 17-20, 2019