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Monthly Dances of Universal Peace
Cambridge Friends Meeting House, 5 Longfellow Park, Cambridge, MA 02138

Every 3rd Saturday 7:30pm with Halima, Abraham & friends (Friends Room)
1st Fridays (Oct- June) 7:30 pm with the Friday Dance Circle (Meeting House)
$6-10 contribution requested

SAMA  is the Cambridge area branch of the Sufi Ruhaniat, in the spiritual lineage of Hazrat Inayat Khan, who brought the Universal Message of Spiritual Liberty to the West from India, Murshid Samuel Lewis, who founded the Walks and Dances of Universal Peace, and Pir Shabda Kahn, who is the Ruhaniat’s present spiritual director. This path is Universal in nature and welcomes people of all faiths, philosophies and heritages. SAMA is guided by Murshid Abraham and Murshida Halima Sussman. Email or call (617) 876-5272 for more information.

  • Offering Walks & Dances of Universal Peace, Mentoring, Sufi Practice, Counselling, Healing Concentration, and Interfaith Ministry.
  • Monthly Sufi Class: this class is open to Ruhaniat, other Inayati mureeds and by invitation. New series begins in the fall of 2017  Email or call 617-876-5272 if interested.

SOMA Holistic Counseling: In service since 1972! Offering Holistic Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Spiritual Inquiry. Serving individuals, couples and families. call (617) 876-5272 or email.

SAMA Events 2018

Sufi Sesshin

Saturday, February 3rd 9:30 – 5
A winter’s day of practice: alternating silent sitting meditation, going within,  with the heart opening practice of Dances of Universal Peace.  Dance, sit, dance, sit, dance, sit…

Sufi Sesshin 2018 flier and registration
For more information Email  or contact Abraham or Halima at 617-876-5272.  Read More

 Dance Deepening Retreat,  May 25-28 

Transmission & the Living Spirit: Towards 7 Generations

Memorial Day Weekend,  North Central MA.

With Senior Mentor teachers Abraham and Halima Sussman (USA), and Mentors Malika Salazar (Colombia), Prem (New Zealand), Sally Amrita (New Zealand) and friends.

This is the 50th anniversary of the Walks & Dances.  Murshid SAM declared that  these dances would go around the world and so they have! This Dance Deepening will focus on Murshid SAM’s living transmission, the original Dances, and  the beautiful transmissional Dances that continue to manifest.

All lovers of the dance are welcome; Dancers, Leaders, and Musicians. Together we cultivate the ground of a positive shared future, tuning our awakening heart nature through and to the Walks and Dances of Universal Peace.  Mentored DUP leaders are invited to cultivate mastery, furthering the fine art of dance transmission, and are welcome to lead a DUPeace during one of the sessions. 

Read more about Dance Deepening!      Info+Print Registration2018  

Register Online Here!

EAT, DANCE, AND PRAY: Rise Up!  July 25-29, 2018,  North Central Massachusetts

Annual New England Sufi Dance Camp!  We fill up! Register early!

With Maitreya, Halima, and Abraham, assisted by local teachers, dance leaders and musicians, plus Prem(NZ) and Wendy Hodder(NZ). Amina will offer the Art Tent, Arif joins the team of musicians.

This retreat offers us the opportunity to tune to natural rhythms and demonstrate Peace and Harmony. Eat, dance and pray together is the actualized vision Murshid Samuel Lewis held for world peace! Celebrate community with the Walks and Dances of Universal Peace, Zikr, Yoga, Walking, Sitting, Listening….
Read more about EDP!   Register Online Here      Flyer& print Registration:EDP2018

NATURE WISDOM  August 17-19, 2018  

Integrating Earth Wisdom, Maori Creation stories, Creative Art, and DUPeace

 A Weekend Retreat in North Central Massachusetts

Join Wendy Hodder, from New Zealand, and her local hosts Abraham and Halima Sussman in exploring the interconnected wisdom of the natural world through mythic Maori creation stories, creative arts expression, and Dances of Universal Peace. Our gathering takes place on beautiful land with farm home, organic gardens, forest, and nearby waterfall. 

Wendy is an inspiring artist, musician, and dance leader who invokes an earth wisdom that is dynamic, real and sensitizing. She draws from the interface of Sufi, Maori, and Dances of Universal Peace practice that is unique to New Zealand. Abraham and Halima are experienced life practitioners and senior teachers for the Sufi Ruhaniat & Dances of Universal Peace. 

(People may arrive Thursday evening with advance notice! Please inquire! )

for more information  email:    phone: 617-876-5272

Retreat Flyer & Registration coming soon!

Also, check out the Retreats & Events page for other workshops and gatherings!


Dances of Universal Peace with Amina and Arif. Email for more information.

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